Since the 20th century, steel has been ever-changing the construction industry; bringing remarkable architectural designs to life. One of the most valued benefits steel has brought to the construction industry is its level of sustainability. Since the early 1970’s, the North American steel industry has been investing a lot of money into becoming a more sustainable industry. Half of the world’s steel is now produced in electric plants that generate zero CO2 emissions. Steel is a highly recyclable material and is made of around 90% recycled content. The material can also be recycled over and over again and has a reclaimed rate of 98%.

It is ideally used with many sustainable designs as it complies with specifications of efficient building envelopes. In addition, steel produces minimal site wastes as it allows for precise on-site construction. Some additional sustainable aspects of steel include durability, resistance to fire, pests, and mold growth. Recent innovations in steel production that are still in the research phases include the development of carbon neutral steel.


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